Whoever they are, each of the top 3 entered the list on merit.

The year 2017 was marked by lots of events, from Bitcoin price about $20.000 and Trump’s tax reform to the end of ISIS. Lots of things have been achieved within the year 2017 and picking the most powerful people wasn’t that easy. The list was created taking into account these people’s impact on financial markets and the future in general.

Donald Trump

The President of the United States was the most discussed public figure over the last year. He influenced the Dollar and markets more than any U.S. President since the time of Ronald Regan. His tax reform was a great conclusion of the year.

Tim Cook

Apple Inc. had a pretty unusual year, while everyone expected the advantages to be lost along with Steve Jobs. However, the market cap of Apple has increased to $898.56 billion (data at 21.12.17) from $350 billion under CEO Tim Cook. That rise has brought Apple to the top of the market cap list.

Elon Musk

Born in South Africa American business magnate runs Tesla Inc. It might not be the leading car manufacturing company, but it surely has shown amazing progress and innovation in the electric vehicle industry. Tesla Inc. has encouraged the car manufacturers across the world to speed up their electric car development programs. Such an influence deserves to make the top-3 list. Some think Elon Musk might be mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto…