Crypto Markets

The risk sentiment worldwide showed a general recovery. That helped the cryptocurrencies and stocks move higher.

Recovery of the Stock Markets

Over the last few days, the stock markets experienced serious losses caused by the panic selling and profit taking from larger investors. The correction was pretty expected. However, not everyone has expected the size and speed of that correction. The last couple of days, the markets have shown some recovery though, and the buyers began to resist, and that helped the markets recover slowly and steadily. Although the indices in Asia and Europe didn’t gain much, they still consolidated, what attracted the buyers again. The stock markets in the USA also were opened steadily and strongly a day later. That is the sign of the markets’ recovery within the shortest time frames.

Crypto Markets Follow the Same Lead

The Bitcoin prices have recovered from their serious fall, so the recovery in the crypto markets continues. The Bitcoin price increased to $9000 from $6000. Lots of investors and traders are drawn back into the markets. The recovery is expected to continue, and we will see how long this will take. Not only the Bitcoin market has recovered, the same index applies to all the crypto markets. In the medium term, the BTC prices are expected to reach $10000 region.