Such trading systems are different in that they work with the simplest tools, but, at the same time, are quite effective, especially for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with this kind of earnings.

Strategies for beginners in binary options can be divided into three categories:

– systems in which the use of the schedule is not intended;
– graphic strategies;
– systems with the use of a single indicator.

Next, we will take a closer look at each of the categories and show the corresponding examples.

Simple strategies for binary options without using graphics

Probably many beginning traders will be surprised that there are such systems for which the graph is not needed at all. There is no need to monitor all these price fluctuations, carefully look at the monitor, analyzing indicators or finding patterns.

Of course, the effectiveness of such systems is somewhat lower than, for example, strategies for beginners in binary options using the same indicators.
But still, such methods have the right to life.

The first system, which we would like to talk about, is trade in news. It really does not need to apply to the schedule. Before the news, the trader chooses the direction and opens the deal, depending on his decision.

What is the advantage of using this method? First of all, in its simplicity. The trader does not need to study technical or fundamental analysis. Before the release of important news, he simply looks at the forecasts of experts from Bloomberg, which are in any calendar of macroeconomic statistics and makes a decision.

Another plus of this binary options strategy is that when important data are released, in the market, in most cases, volatility increases and trend pulses appear. If the direction is chosen correctly, the chances of success significantly increase.

But this strategy has its own disadvantages. The matter is that first of all, the trader can make a mistake with the choice of direction. The forecast made by Bloomberg experts may be incorrect. In this case, there is a significant risk that the price will go against the trader.

But even if the forecast turned out to be correct, the price does not always follow the logical direction either. A trader of binary options, in this case, will “tighten” expiration. He can not wait until his “movement” begins.

Another quite interesting system, which also does not require any knowledge – Martingale. The essence of this system is to double the rate each time after the transaction closes at a loss. In principle, this strategy in general could be called a win-win, if not for one significant “but.” A trader simply may not have enough funds to deposit in order to constantly double.

Trading Strategies for beginners in binary options using a graph

Such systems are already somewhat more complicated than those we described in the previous part of the article. The simplest of them is working with levels of resistance and support. Find them on the chart is simple enough and in one of our articles we have already described how this is done.

The theory of trading in financial markets teaches that it is always necessary to buy at minimums in order to then sell at highs. Just with the help of such a system, it is possible to solve this task quite easily.

When the price approaches the support level, we open a deal to buy a call option or up. When the price of the underlying asset approaches the resistance level, we open the track to buy the Put option or down. At the same time, it is important to remember that the best deals are opened when the price, after touching the level, bounces in the opposite direction. It is at this moment that it is best to make deals.

It would seem that this strategy is flawless. But in fact, and she has her pitfalls. In order to obtain more accurate information, it is recommended to use candlestick analysis and use patterns to open deals at the top and bottom. But in this case, this strategy will not be as simple as it is in its basic version.

Working with trading indicators

Working with indicators is the most win-win option in the financial markets. While the trader receives the information, the algorithm calculates everything independently, applying various formulas to search for future market fluctuations.

The simplest strategies of binary options include, for example, the system, using the RSI indicator, which we talk about in one of our articles. This strategy is not only simple, but also very effective, as it uses special overbought and oversold zones. Nevertheless, to increase its effectiveness, we recommend using additional tools and filters.

In general, all these systems and many others are completely working. Beginning traders can successfully apply them in their work, and without special knowledge. They really can start making money. But in order to make profit more stable, we recommend that we continue