Litecoin Fork

The market focus shifts to the Litecoin Fork this Sunday. The total crypto market falls to sub -$500 on Sunday morning, Stellar Lumen and Ripple experience big losses.

On Saturday, Bitcoin was one of the top performers and gained 9.17%. It showed lots of support during this week.

With the development of the crypto market, the technology also becomes user-friendly. However, the volatility of the crypto market isn’t going to stop, while the governments launch anti-money-laundering measures globally.

Investors have returned to the market despite of the volatility and uncertainty. The Bitcoin’s market cap fell down to $181.24bn though, and the total cryptomarket to $493.47bn.

Litecoin’s hard fork is expected to result in the distribution of Litecoin Cash to currency holders. Many people think the fork is a scam and will not happen at all. The talks about the fork led to Litecoin’s gains of more than 50% last week. The rest of the market got benefits from that government noise and fraud free week.

Bitcoin is currently down 5.22% to $10.521.8. The investors are going to lock in weekend gains, while the next week might be a choppy one.

Ripple was one of the biggest fallers this week and was down to 7.45% and Stellar Lumen was down to 7.88%.

Bitcoin’s dominance is at 36.7% now and it is expected to continue on Monday morning.