Will Amazon Accept Bitcoin

According to experts, the future of cryptocurrencies depends on if they could be accepted as payment methods by leading online shops. And there is a good forecast.
The leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, etc. have not entered the real economy yet. They are still not accepted as cryptocurrency payment methods by online retailers, except some of them (sometimes pretty doubtful).

And it’s no wonder, taking into account its recent instability, like 20-30% fluctuations. Such a retailer, as Amazon, for example, would probably bear big risks when adopting such a payment method. However, it could be quite possible in the era of Bitcoin futures. There would be a problem with transactions fees, which could increase the existing high Bitcoin fees.
However, the transactions speed is more important. The blockchain of Bitcoin allows only seven transactions per second for now. Etherum allows twice more transactions per second.
Last year, Amazon reported 600 transactions per second, it was its peak. In case when just a small number of Amazon clients decide to pay with cryptocurrency (and there will not be any other transactions in the world at the moment), that will cause a big amount of waiting.

However, the cryptocurrencies experts say that these troubles are not serious and are going to be solved in the nearest future. It can be done by improvement of the existing currencies’ blockchain, or with the appearance of new coins, which would be better performing.

Let’s say, Ripple can bear 1500 transactions per second currently and could meet the Amazon requirements easily. The experts say that the question is actually when the retailers will be able to accept the cryptocurrency payment methods. The digital currency would be given a big credit of Amazon would accept Bitcoin for payments on their site.
There is some evidences that issue is already being worked on. For example, Amazon already secured domains related to cryptocurrency. Moreover, Starbucks declared their wish to accept cryptocurrencies soon.

How could the payments with cryptocurrencies look? Crypto-credit cards could be a decision. They are even already available from three providers, such as Monaco (a Swiss company that gathered $25 million recently after its ICO); Savedroid (Frankfurt company, which is in the process of the ICO and already announced the crypto-credit cards launch); and TenX (the Singapore company, which earned $80 million with the ICO).

Such crypto-credit cards are already available for utilizing for shopping online, at least theoretically. Before the user can pay, he will have to convert the amount to a fiat currency first. So that’s not perfect yet and makes the payments too expensive. That’s why only a few people purchase today with crypto-credit cards. The problem should be solved soon though, once the leading retailers accept the crypto payments.