copy trading

If you have always wanted to invest but haven’t had an idea where to start, or you have wanted to trade stocks but were afraid to, or if you have an investment portfolio but are looking for something totally new, then you should pay your attention to copy trading.

The Notion of Copy Trading

Everything is ridiculously easy. As soon as a professional trader opens a trade in his/her trading account, your account opens the same trade too.

Let’s imagine there is a professional trader A. He spends his time analyzing markets to find the assets having more value in future. He buys his assets at a low price to sell them at a higher price in future. That’s how A. makes a living.

Copy Trading works automatically. Usually, you do not have to copy trades manually, you just “copy” the trader and the trades are mirrored to your account. Thus, whenever A. makes a profit, your account does as well.

How much does it cost to start copy trading

One greatest advantage of copy tradingis that it requires relatively small investment to get started. Previously, investing in term deposits or hedge funds required thousands of thousands of dollars for getting started, and after that, your money could not be accessible to you
When it concerns copy trading, you can easily get started with $100 only. That’s a minimum amount to copy a single trader. If you want to copy several traders, you’ll surely need some higher amount. But please note, invest only the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Starting and stopping copying people is possible anytime, thus, you always have access to your capital.