license from the Central Bank of Ireland

Opening a Payoneer office in the capital and obtaining an electronic payment license from the Central Bank of Ireland

Payoneer are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the capital of Ireland, Dublin. This indicates that we continue to develop in the global market. A new branch of our development was the fact that our new office in Dublin was authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as the Electronic Money Institution, which means: we can now make transactions with electronic money. All this testifies to the fact that we continue to provide reliability and security in partnership with all world companies.
The opening of a new office in the capital will allow us to continue to help users easily and quickly handle electronic payments in the European Economic Area after Brexit. Payoneer is one of the 12 payment companies that have this license, and in total there are 25 in Ireland, which sets us apart from this.

Thanks to the new license, many small European companies selling goods and services will be able to enter the world market.

These investments will enable us to continue to provide development support to our clients from all over the world. Despite changes in regulatory requirements related to Brexit, we continue to help international trade remain comfortable. Payoneer CEO Scott Galit thanks CBI for helping get the new license and IDA Ireland for supporting it.

And the head of the new Payoneer office in the capital will be a person with over 20 years of experience in international banking and regulated infrastructure expertise – Patrick de Courcy, who is the former head of the Pacific branch.

Patrick de Courcy is pleased to open a new office in the capital of Ireland, which will allow Payoneer to become one of the majority of digital payment institutions operating there. The Central Bank of Ireland is a reliable and experienced regulator operating in the country, which leads to the creation of an integrated ecosystem of financial services.

We want to wish Patrick and his whole team good luck in Dublin. Payoneer continues to help European Union companies reach new heights.