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31% of Workers in South Korea are Cryptocurrency Investors According to Survey

According to a survey, about three out of 10 workers in South Korea have invested in different cryptocurrency shapes and forms.

941 salaried people in South Korea were surveyed by Saramin online job portal on Wednesday. Thus, 31.3% of them have invested in virtual currencies. An average investment accounts for $5.300 (5.66 million won): 44.1% invested less than 1 million won; 18.3% invested up to 2 million won. 12.9% claimed to have invested more than 10 million won; 9.8% invested 2-4 million won; and 7.8% -4-6 million won.

What are the reasons for that investment? 54.2% of people surveyed believed it was the fastest and easiest way of making money. However, 47.8% noticed that investing not a big amount of money in virtual currencies was easy.

Was the investment profitable? About 80.3% of people noticed that their investments were profitable, 6.4% lost their money and 13.2% broke. The earnings were pretty big though, 21.1% of people earned more than 10% and 19.4% earned more than 100%.

Bitcoin was the most popular among South Koreans. Three biggest exchanges of the world are located in Korea and account 20% of Bitcoin trades.

2 million South Koreans possess Bitcoin along with other digital currencies. Everyone, from students to grandparents in Korea, is ready to pay 15%-25% over global price, while they hope the Bitcoin rally continues.