Bittrex blocks accounts

Bittrex blocks accounts and freezes withdrawal of funds. Since the summer of 2017, Bittrex has made changes to user services and requires more detailed document verification. As a result of this policy, many users found their accounts disabled, while others were unable to withdraw funds from their accounts.

Although it started a few months ago, most users discovered restrictions only in November, when owners of obsolete accounts (untested and registered long before the start of the new policy) saw that they could not withdraw more than 0.25 BTC / day, and a week later the possibility Removals generally fell to zero.

To restore the right to withdraw funds, users must fill out several forms. After a basic check, users will be able to withdraw money for the amount of 0.25 BTC / day, and with the help of extended identity verification, their withdrawal limits are expanded to 100 BTC / day, provided that they have two-factor authentication.

And although this sounds simple and clear at first glance, the real problem is how Bittrex conducts checks. Users who do not pass the basic verification, whether due to the international nature of the account or even without a reason, are required to undergo an extended check. If the information contained in documents uploaded for the enhanced scan does not match the data submitted for the basic scan, users must provide documents for manual verification by Bittrex support personnel.

The problem is that Bittrex support staff (if they exist at all) simply do not consider these requests. Tens of thousands of accounts have been stuck in limbo, some of them for more than two months. This is completely unacceptable for business. If the company’s existing employees can not cope with the processing of requests then Bittrex is required to hire additional employees. If we are not talking about problems in the number of employees, or about ignorance, something much more complicated is happening. It can be assumed that Bittrex specifically ignores these requests to keep users’ funds for their own purposes – investments and trading activities.

If you are faced with this problem, then unfortunately, the only way is to apply for support. In the past, users could call the phone instead of sending an e-mail application, but recently Bittrex stopped accepting both phone calls and emails.

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