bitcoin cash

The total altcoin growth marked the current week, considerable Bitcoin Cash gains were registered for several reasons.
Institutional investors concentrated on altcoins, including Ripple and IOTA,while Bitcoin’s market fell dramatically below 50%. Nevertheless, Bitcoinwas supported at $15.000, one step away from recession, which often happens when the loss is 20% from the peak. The price of that cryptocurrency dropped up to $16.100, while the peak was $20.053 and the loss makes 19.7%. Bitcoin’s price is $16.230 currently, what is 1.16% down.

Bitcoin Cash seems to be the leader in the last several days, the price of it increased from $1.900 on the 18th to $4.300 on the 20th of December. Some consider it to be the “true Bitcoin”. Several factors caused this. The first factor was Emil Oldenburg, co-founder of, who started to exchange his Bitcoins for Bitcoin Cash. The second factor was that the markets learned about the BCH trading launch on Coinbase before it was announced officially by the press.