Oil prices

Oil prices have increased and the explosion near a leading refinery in Libya has raised concerns of supply breach.

Bitcoin smart recovery

Bitcoin outrage keeps dominating the market; the prices went through a smart recovery from the lows. It currently trades below $16.000 and has raised by 30% from its last week lows. Even if being too slow, the recovery is expected to be continued.

Oil prices reach their highs

Last week wasn’t marked by lots of events, thus, even the smallest changes attracted lots of attention within the last few days. Most countries of the globe go through a holiday period right now, and most of the traders are expected to come back to full-value during the second week of January only. The oil prices kept growing though and reached their $60 period for a while. The explosion near a major refinery in Libya caused lots of concerns about the breach of the demand for oil, what has caused the prices to go even higher.