Binary Options Trading Rules

Binary Options Trading Rules

Binary options are a relatively new trend in the financial market. Practice has already shown that this type of trade is very profitable. Options trading attracts with its simplicity, clarity, accessibility. The tempting ability to quickly gain huge profits attracts many novice players.

The obvious advantages of binary options are:

– there is no need to sit for days at the computer in anticipation of changes. Profit can be received within 60 seconds. Save time;
– the expiration time (closing of the transaction) is known in advance. Nerves are intact;
– the size of profit in case of success is already known, as well as the size of the loss. How much he invested – so much and lost. Accurate calculation and ability to control your funds.

To successfully trade binary options, you must follow several rules:

  • before you make any transaction you need to carefully study the situation, evaluate the market and only then act. Unreasonable decisions are the way to failure;
  • until enough experience to open one at a time, a maximum of two positions at a time. Many beginners inexperienced begin to open immediately the maximum number of positions. And as a result, they suffer great losses;
  • start with the most simple and understandable transactions, even if not as profitable as we would like, but reliable. Do not chase after crazy money. The experience at the beginning of the journey is much more expensive than money, because in time it will bring long-awaited profits;
  • never recoup. Do not double, triple bets in case of failure, trying to compensate damage immediately. The result of such a gross error is almost always the loss of investment;
  • in advance to establish for themselves the limit of losses (it is possible in percentage terms) for which in no event can one go out at a certain time (hour, day, month). In case of failure, the trader always wants to return his deposit and often misses the moment when it’s time to stop;
  • the most important thing is no emotion. Emotions are the enemy of the trader, which do not allow a sober assessment of the situation;
  • Develop their own method of conducting transactions with options on their own experience. Do not ignore demo accounts – this is a great opportunity to experiment and work out your own strategy without losing money.
  • choose a broker with a good reputation – is also very important. It is important to take into account such parameters as reliability, confidentiality of data to clients using Binary Options Trading Rules